Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning

  Now that winter is officially over (at least according to the calendar) it is now time to open up those stuffy houses, air out the rooms, and CLEAN! I have one week to de-clutter and deep clean before I head back to classes, along with the kids. Believe me, I will be getting child labor this week! To all you parents out there, this is the perfect time to teach kids basic organizational skills and get them going on a life-time habit of cleanliness.
  It is just as important for kids to learn to be organized and have cleaning skills as do adults. Children grow up, and without the proper tools turn into messy, unkempt adults. Adults are also more stubborn to learn new habits. no nip it in the bud now while you can.

1. Make a chore list. Everyone in the family should have a chore assigned that is age and skill appropriate for them. Don't expect the 3 year old to scrub the toilets...
2. Be consistent. Repetition is the key.
3. Make it fun! Kids will be more likely to help and cooperate if it doesn't feel like a punishment.

Have a happy and CLEAN Spring Break!


  1. Thanks for the kick in the behind! LOL! We've been working hard at this too!

  2. Hi, Deanna here. Any ideas where I can get child labor? Actually I just need more energy and motivation. Who would think a person could be so tired and blaaah by doing nothing all day.
    So I love your blog and as for your drawing....
    pick ME :)

  3. I vote for child labor! know where I can get some?